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Too Many Animals, Not Enough Homes.


One Female Cat

1 female cat & her offspring can produce more than 420,000 KITTENS over a 7 year span!


Help Needed

The shelter is always full and often over capacity.

We need your help.

Currently, there are way more animals in our  county than there are homes available.

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We have come far but there is still work to do!

Missing Your Pet Or Locating A Stray:

Missing Pet

Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter is the only stray receiving facility for Tuscaloosa County, Tuscaloosa City, and the City of Northport. All animals picked up by the three municipal animal control agencies in Tuscaloosa County are brought to TMAS. If you find a stray animal please call the shelter at 205-752-9101 before bringing it to make sure we have space. Below are links to our missing pet resources.

Use Finding Rover facial recognition software to look for your animal in other shelters or rescues.